How can I use "Watch Together" for 1MILLION Dance Studio?

Watch Together is one of our favourite features on LIVENow. It lets you watch the show with friends in sync with each other in a private chatroom. Pretty amazing right? 

You will be able to use this feature for 1MILLION Dance Studio!



Using Watch Together

To use Watch Together, make sure everyone in your party is logged in to their own LIVENow accounts and you’ve all bought a Pass for the same event. Either you or one of your friends will then need to create a room and invite the other three friends. To do this, click 'Start your room' underneath the stream. 

Enable your camera and your microphone by clicking 'Request Permissions' and then 'Allow'.

Next you’ll be given a link, just pop that over to your friends and you can all get watching!

Joining a Room

To use Watch Together one of your party needs to create a room.

If your friend has already created a room, to join them get them to send over the room link. They will have been given this when they created the room. 

For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome on your computer with headphones. And once you’re in, enable your camera and your microphone by clicking 'Request Permissions' and then 'Allow'. 

Then click 'Join' to join the action!

I didn't arrive in the Room

First off, make sure you’re logged in to your own LIVENow account, and that you’ve bought a Pass for the event. 

Double check the URL is correct too! It might be a link to the general event page and not the chat room.

My stream keeps jumping

With Watch Together, we sync you all up so you’re enjoying it at the same time.

If you’re experiencing a frequent jump in the stream it may be because your Wi-Fi connection and/or device is struggling to keep pace with the other participants. You will therefore be jumped to where your friends are in the stream to ensure you’re watching at the same time.

We recommend shutting down other programs and getting as close to a router as possible! You could also try restarting your device to optimise performance.

Sound is coming from another user computer

We recommend all users wear headphones for the best experience. If you cannot use headphones, we recommend reducing the volume of your audio or maybe even muting them to optimise the experience for everyone in the room.

A friend's camera has frozen

It’s normally down to a poor internet connection. This can usually be resolved by the interrupted user refreshing their screen. If the problem continues, it is likely that the user is connecting from a restricted network that may be causing their connection to drop.

I cannot hear one of my friends clearly

Some devices automatically adjust your microphone input volume based on a few factors. This can usually be solved by going into the properties of your audio input device and turning the settings up.

A user may mute themselves so that nobody can hear them, and you can also mute them yourself. If a user mutes themselves, the microphone icon on their camera will turn yellow with a line through it. If you mute them, the microphone icon will turn red with a line through.

Why can't I use Chromecast for Watch Together Rooms?

Chromecast cannot cast multiple video streams at once. For the big screen experience, our current recommendation is to connect a laptop to your TV via an HDMI cable.

When doing this, set your TV as the primary screen or an extended screen. Do not use the screen mirroring setting as this will affect the video performance.


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