How do I purchase a Pass for RIZIN 32 and RIZIN Trigger?

Buying a Pass is super simple. You can either purchase a Pass for RIZIN.32 or RIZIN Trigger individually, or buy a RIZIN Bundle Package giving you access to both! 

Visit the website or mobile app (on Apple/Android) and you’ll find the event on the homepage, in the ‘SPORT’ section or in the ‘WHAT’S ON’ tab. You can also click here. (LINK TO BE ADDED ONCE PAGE WITH BOTH PASSES IS LIVE)

Create an account with your email address and a memorable password (passwords must contain a capital letter, a number, and no special characters).

Choose your payment method and complete your purchase.

You’ll then receive a confirmation email with your link to watch the event.

Please email if you’re having any problems buying your Pass and we’ll be happy to help!

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