When is American Express UNSTAGED with Lizzo?

American Express UNSTAGED with Lizzo will take place on the 4th or 5th December (depending on where in the world you’re streaming from!) Checkout the timings below:  

  • 9 PM New York (4th Dec)
  • 6 PM LA (4th Dec)
  • 8 PM Mexico City (4th Dec)
  • 2 AM London (5th Dec)
  • 5 AM Moscow (5th Dec)
  • 10 AM Singapore (5th Dec)
  • 1 PM Sydney (5th Dec)

Once you’ve purchased your Pass, you’ll see a countdown to the start of the show on the event page. And because our site is geolocalised, the countdown will be specific to you regardless of where you are in the world!

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