What can I watch on LIVENow?

We’ve got five categories our events usually fall into: music, sports, fitness, wellness and entertainment. 

In music we host gigs from all over the industry, from pop royalty like Ellie Goulding or Maroon 5, to emerging artists like Squid and Black Country, New Road. For sports fans, we’ve streamed MMA, rugby, cricket, international and domestic football, basketball and so much more.

Fitness is for the get-sweaty enthusiast, while wellness is home to a slower slice of healthy living. Stand up comedy with the likes of Ed Byrne and Reginald D Hunter, theatre with Russell Brand, plus other shows like Make It Reign are what you’ll find in entertainment. 

Once you’ve found something you’re into, check out the dates, times and other info. This is where you’ll also find if it’s a live event, a streamed event or an on-demand event. The shiny oh-so-clickable button is where you’ll see the price too.

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