What is Reign: Jesy Nelson?

Pop queen Jesy Nelson joins us for our second episode of Reign with Josh Smith! It’s free to stream now, all you need to do is subscribe.

As a podcast, Reign with Josh Smith is famous for unfiltered honesty and this in-vision chat show promises uplifting empowerment and intimate conversations that you won’t get anywhere else.


As one fourth of Little Mix, Jesy was part of the biggest girl band in the world but last year made the decision to leave the group to look after her mental health.


In this episode Jesy talks to Josh about the reasons that led to her leaving, saying she felt ‘trapped’ during the ten years in the group.

Now, as she prepares to release her debut solo single Jesy reveals the heartbreak behind her song, Boyz, and how she has finally found not only her voice but true happiness. Plus she drops some exclusive music spoilers you WON’T want to miss.


Expect some tears, some laughter and to leave feeling inspired to make it REIGN in your own lives.

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