What is "Yann Tiersen: Kerber - The Film"?

LIVENow is delighted to present Yann Tiersen:Kerber-The Film, a unique cinematic expression and celebration of his soon-to-be-released album, Kerber.

Set in his studio and landmarks across the island of Ushant, this film thoughtfully fuses music and landscape together, creating a world where the tangible and ethereal are one.

Brittany born Yann Tiersen, is a multi-faceted, multi-genred composer and musician, known for his studio recordings-Les Retrouvailles, L’Absente, EUSA and ALL-as well as his film soundtracks.

His unique approach to production combines classical and contemporary instrumentation, often blurring the lines between both, resulting in vast, dreamy, ambient and cinematic sounds.

This summer, Yann Tiersen releases Kerber, a new chapter in the artist’s work, one that begins with his most overtly electronic material to date. To celebrate its release, he has partnered with LIVENow to produce a film that captures Tiersen performing each song from the album, set against the stunning backdrop of Ushant

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