What is Russell Brand - Our Little Lives: Shakespeare & Me?

A live theatre performance about comedian and writer Russell Brand’s life, shown through the language and style of Shakespeare. Our Little Lives is an accessible take on Shakespeare and how it can be applied to modern life, reflecting on universal issues told through Brand’s personal experiences. 


Both moving and hilarious, the show will be directed by acclaimed theatre director Ian Rickson, and filmed in front of a socially distanced audience at London's iconic Almeida Theatre. 


"It's me using the works of Shakespeare to tell a story about my own life and hopefully, beyond that, universal experiences that are sometimes difficult to uncover. I'm being directed by the legendary theatre director Ian Rickson. Also appearing will be my dog Bear, he'll be appearing in one of the speeches. If you weren't happy with the idea that you can alchemise language into a weapon to free you: there's a dog in it" - Russell Brand

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