What is Jono Castano: 6 Week Body Transformation?

It’s a 6-weeks event consisting of 3 x workouts a week, and 1 x live Q&A with Jono!

The program will run from the 7th of June up to the 19th of July!

  • Descriptions:

    • Week 1Emphasis on using correct techniques for exercises that will be done throughout the programme
    • Week 2Linking regression exercises to their counterparts. 
    • Week 3Ramping it up with high intensity interval training.  45 Seconds on, 15 seconds rest.
    • Week 4High intensity circuit training. Rest periods will be at the end of every round of exercises
    • Week 5Focus will be on adding pulsing to exercises to increase muscle time under tension
    • Week 6Adding on to week 5, we will be including pulsing and hold periods to exercises to really get that heart rate up and fatigue the muscle



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